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X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Missions Database

Tour: XvTED Academy Level 1 Submissions

# Mission Author Ship Rating Top Pilot
1. Michael Dreadman Michael Dreadman X-wing 5.00 FA Licah Fox
2. Naes Draw Naes Draw X-wing - None
3. AC Black AC Black X-wing - None
4. Jay Forerunner Jay Forerunner X-wing - None
5. Jarik Nyine 1LT Jarik Nyine X-wing - None


This is a compendium of missions which have been submitted to the XvTED Academy program for graduation requirements of the Level 1 course. Level 1 Course submissions are of a more basic mission format. These submissions are to demonstrate an understanding of the basics of creating a mission, such as orders, goals, craft settings, and waypoints.


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