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X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Missions Database

Tour: XvTED Academy Level 1 Submissions

Michael Dreadman

  • Author: Michael Dreadman
  • Download: Dreadman-L1.tie (106 kb)
  • Ship: X-wing
  • Mission Type: TRAIN
  • Multiplayer: No
  • Average Rating: 5.00


Rebel ISD and FRG with their complement of starfighters stand off against a pair of Imperial VSDs and an M/FRG escorted by waves of TIEs.


Submitted to the Academy program on 24 November 2008.


Rank Pilot Score Kills Outcome Difficulty Reported Comments Approvals/Rejections
1. FA Licah Fox 43,470 28 Loss Hard 2010-11-26 Submit - Read


FA Licah Fox on 26 November 2010
Rating: 5
Overall, a well-conceived "attack enemy starship while protecting your own" mission that needs a few details addressed to be a finished product.

+2 Neatly conceived, the opposing fighter complements and capital ship strategies provide a good basis for missions.
+1 Objectives clear, briefing helpful.
+1 Appropriate fictionally, storyline set up well, grammar good
+1 Enjoyable, fast-paced action through first few minutes of mission

-1 Balance was skewed towards the opposition; I ended up destroying one VSD and attempting to destroy the M/FRG all by myself. My wingmen were destroyed very quickly. There was no way to enlist help.
-2 Some orders should be finely honed: two of the opposing starships did not fire on me until I fired first; the 6 T/Is continually emerged from the hangar and tried to go right back in, even though I was attacking them; friendly A-Ws did not get involved and just watched me try to take down opposing ships.
-2 Mission was not be completed due to the order problems above. If I had been quicker about destroying the Frigate (it hypered away at 37 minutes in), then I would have been able to complete the mission.