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X-Wing Missions Database

Tour: X-Wing: The Lost Missions: Tour 3 - New Task Force

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# Mission Author Ship Rating Top Pilot
1. Mission 1: Defence of Cruiser Nexus BlueLeader A-wing - None
2. Mission 2: Escort Captured Imperials BlueLeader B-wing - None
3. Mission 3: Rebel attack on Imperial Convoy BlueLeader B-wing - None
4. Mission 4: Starfighter Delivery BlueLeader X-wing - None
5. Mission 5: Rescue Twi'lek Slaves from Pirates BlueLeader Y-wing - None
6. Mission 6: Escort Frigate Maverick to Hyperspace BlueLeader X-wing - None
7. Mission 7: Abandon Frigate Maverick BlueLeader B-wing - None
8. Mission 8: Escort Shuttles BlueLeader A-wing - None
9. Mission 9: Find Stolen B-Wings BlueLeader X-wing - None
10. Mission 10: Defend Supply Depot BlueLeader A-wing - None
11. Mission 11: Destroy Pirate Depot BlueLeader X-wing - None
12. Mission 12: Pirate Apprehension BlueLeader B-wing - None
13. Mission 13: Eliminate Starship Convoy BlueLeader B-wing - None
14. Mission 14: Destroy Steel Talon BlueLeader B-wing - None


Intelligence has gathered information about a new Imperial decision. A Star Destroyer is rallying starships together to form an alternate task force against the Alliance. Despite Darth Vaderís opposition against the decision the plan is being put through as time goes. While the Empire focuses on hunting the Alliance elsewhere in the Galaxy Red Squadron is assisting a small faction of the Alliance in surviving Imperial battles.


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